Our Story

Let me introduce myself. I am Louise Palmer. I play a number of the same life roles as you do – mother, lover, daughter, friend, colleague. Tabloids would describe me as middle aged. I describe myself as a dreamer and a realist, as a perfectionist and a liberal, as an optimist and an (occasional) sceptic. I feel better than ever, more sure of myself now than in my 20’s. I don’t have the perfect body for most fashion designers – but I do have the perfect body for me. On my best days I feel fabulous – sexy, desirable and well put together. On my worst days, I feel like I want to crawl into a cupboard and never be seen again. And I have worked out the differentiating factors between feeling fantastic and feeling dreadful – clothes that are supportive and sexy, fashionable and funky, cool and comfortable. That shape but celebrate, are desirable and practical, feminine and a little daring.

That’s why I have created Velvet Architect – to help me, you and all of us, to feel fabulous. To celebrate our assets, to look and feel amazing.

I started with trying to find supportive nightwear – something that didn’t make me feel mumsy that had more than a poorly constructed foam insert to prop up my breasts that simply made me sweat! I wanted something that I could get out of bed and lounge around the house in – and be decent! From there, the concept grew into daywear. I wanted a great shirt that didn’t gape, a wrap dress that is sexy but with enough wrap, t-shirts with inbuilt support. I wanted the perfect deep cut bra for ample breasts, a sexy body that was practical, but which could be glimpsed through a silk shirt.

We have taken this original idea to new technical heights. We haven’t just provided ‘built-in’ support, we have fully integrated bras into our clothing. No longer will you have a bra rising above the line of a deep v neck, or straps that don’t sit right under a revealing dress. Everything has been designed to fit expertly, really flatter, to follow the line of the clothing – providing seamless, comfortable, support.. Beautiful fabrics, modal from Italy hand-finished in Switzerland, artisan lace from Calais, British stretch silk, all designed and manufactured in Britain.
So Velvet Architect – soft, sensual, beautiful – but expertly crafted, engineered and designed. This is our first capsule collection – everything you need to sleep, lounge, play and work.

I hope you enjoy it. Feel the best you. Feel fabulous.

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